SUPER DEAL – Medisil Magic Touch + 2 Attachments + 50ml Lube

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At last! a Super deal on pure silicone massage attachments!

One of our most popular product bundles ever – there may be many wand massagers on the market,  but silicone attachments are very expensive – we can make this deal more affordable and this deal is exclusive to Downunder Toys.

Whether you want the Medisil Magic Touch for intimate, or for general massage, each one of our pure silicone attachments has something special for you:

Medisil Magic Touch – proven for both therapy and pleasure, the Magic Touch is a bestseller! made exclusively for 240 Volt mains supply.

G-spot attachment – excellent flexible stem with pressure ball at the tip – all in medium density pure silicone. The G-spot attachment is an obvious intimate massage attachment but is also excellent for those ‘hard to reach’ areas of muscle soreness too.

Pleasure Dome –  just perfect for use with a partner, the Dome is made from super soft, cushy silicone and is ideal for all-over massage as well as intimate massage – it is not designed for insertion but certainly gives a very satisfying rub down.

Normally $282.00 you save over $30!

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Both Attachments in – Black, Both Attachments in – Blue Iris, Both Attachments in – Blue Pearl, Both Attachments in – Lavender Pearl, Both Attachments in – Pink Shimmer, Both Attachments in – Violet Shimmer

Oil-Based or Water-Based

Oil-Based Lube 50ml, Water-Based Lube 50ml


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