Product Description

Koala Kiss is not just a cute reminder of your visit to Australia – even if it was only a dream- our Koala Kiss is a dual-function product – very flexible shaft coupled with a vibrator fitted alongside the place where the cute Koala figure is sitting, make the Koala Kiss a satisfying sex toy. Move over bunny – even though it looks like a souvenir from your Downunder Holiday, ┬álay back and dream of Australian beaches with the sun kissing your skin and the sound of the water lapping at your toes….

The reality of this cutie is that the shaft is slimline at 1.25″ diameter with 5″ insertable length. the silicone is medium -density which allows for a satisfying feeling with full flexibility so you can make best use of the external stimulation with the featured creature.

Koala Kiss is adorable and functional and it certainly does deliver on our purpose in life – more orgasms for women make the world a better place.