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Our Classic Hot Rod’s are the ultimate in realism for the receiver and one of the top sellers in our range of luxury Dildos.  Made with a solid hard core of silicone and covered with a cushy soft silicone, to give the user experience that is organic and delicious.

Zap for 2 minutes in the microwave and the core heats up then releases a warmth through the entire product for up to an hour, making this the ultimate playtime for both of you – you will love it!

For those who prefer their toys chilled, pop it in the freezer for a cool ride. You’ll have to think ahead to chill it however, as it would need to be in the chiller for three-fours hours to chill the core.


Hot Rod 6.2 Inches
Has a harness-friendly base which also makes this product anal-safe. it has 6.2″ of insertable length and a diameter of 1.5″ this is a classic size product as it sits in the middle of a range of sizes that a majority of women describe as “normal” Make up your own mind! and please remember, we will send some organic lube with every order of this product.

Hot Rod 6.5 Inches
The thicker, yet fairly short shaft means that any partner will be happy with it – no internal bumping is especially welcome news for women. With 6.5″ of insertable length and 1.8″ of diameter this is a product affectionately known as “stubby” around the office.

Hot Rod 8 Inches
Measures 8″ of insertable length and 1.8″ diameter and is suitably spooky in its’ realistic feel.

Hot Rod 8.5 Inches
Measures 8.5″ in insertable length and 2.2″ diameter and is the largest of our phallus style Hot Rod products. Weighs in at around 600g and is as large as we felt was workable for harness compatibility as the weight does pull the product downwards. With a little guidance however, this could be your perfect fit – you know who you are!

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6.2 Inches, 6.5 Inches, 8 Inches, 8.5 Inches


Anglo Lad, Black, Blue Iris, Blue Pearl, Lavender Pearl, Midnight Blue, Pink Shimmer, Violet Shimmer


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