SUPER DEAL – Girl 6.75″ + Leather Strap-On + 50ml Lube

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Get your Girl 2 super deal today – great savings on a very popular combination purchase at an unbeatable price!

In this deal, you get – Girl 2 pure silicone dildo plus genuine leather strap-on harness plus YES organic lubricant for $189.00 (a savings of $30 on these top quality products)

Girl 2 – 6.75′ of undulating silicone dildo, firm density with some flexibility, flared base makes it prefect for harness play

Genuine leather harness from sax leather – all-Australian made with multiple O rings to use with all the toys in your collection.

last but not least, YES organic lubricant – award-winning slippery deliciousness that makes everything make sense.

indulge yourself, this is a great deal.

Individually these items cost a total of $219, buy them together and save $30!!

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GIRL 6.75" in Black, GIRL 6.75" in Blue Iris, GIRL 6.75" in Blue Pearl, GIRL 6.75" in Lavender Pearl, GIRL 6.75" in Midnight Blue, GIRL 6.75" in Pink Shimmer, GIRL 6.75" in Violet Shimmer


Strap-On Harness – Large up to 60" hips, Strap-On Harness – Regular up to 44" hips

Oil-Based or Water-Based

Oil-Based Lube 50ml, Water-Based Lube 50ml


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