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Why Silicone?


The silicone we use is platinum-cured with no added fillers.

A Downunder Toy won’t pick up bacteria, which could be transmitted when sharing toys or swapping between vaginal and anal play either, but you must wash any toy you like to use in your ass before it goes anywhere else.

The silicone used in DOWNUNDER TOYS is the same stuff that some surgical parts are made of – that is why our toys are totally safe to insert in the body, because other products made with the same stuff meet surgical standards of cleanliness and non-toxicity.

Downunder Toys are top of the range products made of expensive 100% premium medical-grade silicone:

• Medical-grade silicone is extremely durable and stable – they will last for years and years and you will not have to buy another.

• Medical-grade silicone is totally inert, non-porous and absolutely hygienic – it will not absorb lubricant, bacteria, smells or body fluids.

• Medical-grade silicone holds body heat extremely well for total user comfort. Just preheat your Hot Rod for two minutes in the microwave and get ready for real-feel pleasure. You don’t have to worry about getting burnt – remarkable Sensa-Feel silicone has special properties that prevent overheating.

• Medical-grade silicone is easily sterilised by boiling gently for two minutes, or by bleaching, but simply washing them with soap and water cleans them to a high standard. Quality silicone will not degrade, even after repeated sterilisations


Please be aware that most product made in China, even those with a small additive of silicone oil, are made from industrial materials such as TPE, and industrial silicones. Try a Downunder Toys’ product and you will immediately feel the difference.

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