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Product Care

Downunder Toys silicone vibes and dildos are unrivalled in quality.

The silicone components are guaranteed against manufacturing fault.

All Downunder Toys are made of costly medical grade silicone, which is fabricated for intimate use.

Downunder Toys are non-porous so they cannot absorb odour, bacteria or wetness.

You can clean them to a high standard simply by washing in soapy water, and rinsing them off, or just use a wet wipe. Dry your toy by shaking in the air, as a towel will apply fluff.

If you are cleaning a vibrator, make sure water does not enter the vibe motor or control box.

Always wash your toys between partners or between vaginal and anal play.

Toys may be sterilized by boiling gently for two minutes in hot water – remove the motor first, by dripping just a little lube or cooking oil into the cavity where the motor is then squeezing from outside to push the motor out – NEVER PULL A MOTOR BY THE WIRES!!

When playing with your Downunder Toys use lube as desired. Your toy will not absorb any lube, so you’ll find a little goes a long way. Put the lube on yourself rather than the toy as it will run off.

Do not use sharp instruments or edges around your toy or scratch the exterior. Your toy is tear-resistant, but not indestructible!

Your Downunder Toy will never perish or ooze toxic chemicals as you find with rubber, cyber-skin/trueskin and jelly toys. So there is no need to store your toy in talc, the bottom drawer is just fine.

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